Intravenous Sedation/IV Sedation

IV Sedation/ Intravenous Sedation: We are one of the very few general dentists offering IV sedation option. Intravenous sedation by a general dentist means you can get all your treatment done at one place by one dentist under IV sedation and there is no need to go to various specialists. Intravenous sedation is for our patients who are very anxious about their dental treatment.
While oral sedation is a good option, increasing the dose of oral sedation is not safe and about 30% cases do not get sedated to the desired level. Unlike oral sedation, Intravenous sedation can be customized to your sedation needs. We can increase the dose within safe limits till you feel comfortable. It is like twilight sedation where we will not put you to sleep but you will be very sleepy yet able to respond if prompted. You will not remember most of the treatment process after your treatment is completed. Iv sedation is very safe as we sedate you to the level where your breathing and heart function is not compromised. IV sedation can be supplemented with mild oral doses before the treatment and laughing gas while treatment.You will not be allowed to eat or drink 4-6 hours prior to the appointment and you will need a companion who can drive you home and be with you for the rest of the day. We recommend that you be at our office 30 minutes before the treatment time.
After the treatment you will be sent home with your companion. You might feel sleepy rest of the day and will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours.

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