Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal is the part of tooth that is usually under your gum. Root Canal Treatment is similar to the filling except that it extends in the root of the tooth and is a takes little longer than just a filling. There are several reasons why a tooth may need rootcanal. Most common reasons are cavity that extends into the nerve of tooth,Recession of gum line causing moderate pain and trauma to the tooth.

We go through the crown of tooth to access the canal in root of teeth and removeany damaged tissues. At that time we clean the canal very well and fill it withbiocompatible hypoallergenic materials. After this treatment, your tooth should befree from any pain.

If it is one of the posterior teeth, a crown will be required as the tooth’s structure would need to be reinforced. Anterior teeth generally do not need to be crowned unless the tooth has lost a quite a bit of tooth structure or if it is esthetically not appealing.

Root Canal

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